Safety First, Foremost, Always

ADOAIR's management is firmly committed to providing needed sources and maintaining a safe and healthful working environment. To foster this work environment we have approved the implementation of a "Just Safety Culture."

A "Just Safety Culture" fosters an atmosphere of trust in which people are encouraged, even rewarded, for providing essential safety related information, but in which they are also clear about where the line must be drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

ADOAIR will not initiate disciplinary action against any employee who discloses an occurrence involving safety, in accordance with the company Just Culture philosophy. Occurrences with elements of gross neglect, intentional violations or criminal act are exempt from the above statement and will not be tolerated.

ADOAIR Safety approach core elements are the employees at any level in the organization; and their supports to the system. However the primary responsibility rests with the Management.

ADOAIR believes that "what is wrong instead of who is wrong" is better way to handle the issues.

Procedures for collecting, recording and disseminating information shall be developed to protect the identity of any employee who provides safety information to the extent permissible by law.

The Reporting Systems shall include:

- Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Systems

- ADOAIR Safety Reports

- Other confidential information

ADOAIR motivates all employees to use the implemented Safety Management System in order to attain the highest level of safety in relation to our common goals.

Distribution of safety documents to sources outside of ADOAIR by any employee will be considered a violation of the confidentiality by ADOAIR culture.