Corporate Charter

The first choice for your executive requirements...

We know that spending time for journeys is one of the reason of cost, and means every minute you spend away from your office is a cost to your company.

    Chartering a jet with ADOAIR provides you;

  • Keeping ahead of the competition,
  • Direct flights from the closest airports
  • Avoiding lengthy transfers and delays at scheduled service hubs
  • Flexible schedules which means that, if your meeting run late the crew and aircraft will still be waiting
  • Save on the expense of operating your own aircraft
  • Onboard of aircraft luxury and communications.
  • Luxury, comfortable and quiet aircraft cabin that allows you to arrive the destination as you still feel fresh.
  • Communication while you travel with our onboard telephone
  • First class catering which is selected to your personal choices.
  • A variety of popular DVD Films for your entertainment choice.

Crew is at your service for your safety and whenever you need.