Our Services

VIP Charter

ADO Air is the ultimate air charter experience, where exclusivity comes as standard and respecting the true meaning of VIP.
  • Expect unparalleled levels of service and discretion
  • Enjoy superb in-flight luxury and stress free travel
  • Minimise journey times and fly where you want, when you want
  • We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • You will have a personal Account Manager to plan every single detail of your trip
  • We will use the most convenient airports for you
  • You can arrive and board just minutes before take-off
  • We will prepare your menu selection according to your taste

Corporate Charter

The first choice for your executive requirements...
We know that spending time for journeys is one of the reason of cost, and means every minute you spend away from your office is a cost to your company.

Chartering a jet with ADOAIR provides you;
  • keeping ahead of the competition,
  • direct flights from the closest airports
  • Avoiding lengthy transfers and delays at scheduled service hubs
  • Flexible schedules which means that, if your meeting run late the crew and aircraft will still be waiting
  • Save on the expense of operating your own aircraft
  • Onboard of aircraft luxury and communications.
  • Luxury, comfortable and quiet aircraft cabin that allows you to arrive the destination as you still feel fresh.
  • communication while you travel with our onboard telephone
  • First class catering which is selected to your personal choices.
  • A variety of popular DVD Films for your entertainment choice.

Crew is at your service for your safety and whenever you need.

Air Taxi

Charters for every occasion..
Aircraft taxi for business meetings..
Cost effective small aircraft that provide an affordable 'same day' service for site visits and business meetings.

Reaching any location reached with ease. Charters for special private events...
  • Make time saving visits to multiple locations in the same day - and then back to the office within hours.
  • Flexible schedules as you wish with aircraft and crew that will wait on stand-by for your next appointment.
  • Hospitality flights for attending various social events - easy way to go film festivals or to the opera.
  • Going sport events by air taxi ; easy way to follow the races, golf, or other big sporting occasions, for days out.
  • Family celebrations such as birthdays or weddings made memorable with an affordable private charter flight.
  • Charter an aircraft simplified by our staff who will handle every aspect of your requirements.

Group Travel

The logical choice for parties of 8 or less passengers,
With the definite choice of unrivalled service in group charter;
  • Simplify travel planning - just make one call and it's done
  • Get over the frustrations caused by waiting in long check-in row
  • Provide a pre-flight area exclusively for your group
  • Customize the flight legs of trip to suit your group
  • Choose your menu among the alternatives before you fly

Sportive Events

Our team at ADO AIR have a unique understanding of arranging private charters to sporting events worldwide. We make all the arrangements with one call of you.
  • Small group charters, for friends, work colleagues or families
  • VIP air travel, for executives, sponsors or special guests
  • group flights for Team Supporters
  • One call and we make all the arrangements
  • Customer representative available 24/7
  • Fly to/from the closest airport to your sporting venue or your accommodation
  • Transfers avoiding scheduled service delays
  • Flexible timing so you don't miss 'extra-time' of game or the medal ceremony


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